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Organization and management.

JÁVERK ehf. was founded in the year of 1992.  The owners of JÁVERK ehf., Gylfi Gíslason MBA in Business Administration and Guðmundur B. Gunnarsson Master Craftsman as a carpenter, took over the company in the year 2004, both of them have a long working experience in the building sector.

JÁVERK ehf. is a General Contractor and operates within the Building sector.

The company has a large capacity of experienced employees and well educated technicians.  JÁVERK´s ehf. financial strength is good. The company head office is located in JÁVERK’s ehf. own building in Selfoss in south of Iceland. JÁVERK ehf. is a company known for it´s reliability and the ability for cooperation and holding it´s agreements.

JÁVERK ehf. is today among the largest construction companies in Iceland.


Today JÁVERK ehf. has around 110 employees. Amongst them are skilled managers, technicians and engineers that have experience to address different projects of various size. The company has a very good cooperation with a high number of subcontractors and suppliers in all sectors within the building industry.

Quality Assurance System.

JÁVERK ehf. uses a Quality Assurance System that has the main purpose to guarantee, that the company projects always fulfill the demands of quality in undersigned contracts and the projects specifications. Every project has also it´s own project-manual. The project-manual is built up according to the Quality Assurance system from the Icelandic Industry Organization for Construction Companies.  The QA system is adjusted to the company operations and built-up from the experience of the project managers and the company leaders of a build-up and usage of Quality Assurance Systems in other companies in the building sector in Iceland.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

JÁVERK ehf. has a clear HSE policy.  JÁVERK is committed to protect the health and safety of all employees and ensuring that our activities are not harmful to the environment.